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In Praise of Plekanec

Despite rumours to the contrary, Tomas Plekanec has likely played his last game for the Montreal Canadiens. It’s painful to see his regular season games played total sitting at 998. A player of his calibre deserves to have played 1,000 NHL games. It’s a badge of honour that tells fans you survived training camps, played […] The post In Praise of Plekanec appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...

Humbled by Capitals, Lightning Should Still Be Proud

It’s difficult to discuss the end of the Tampa Bay Lightning’s season right now. Even with some time to process their shut-out in Game 7, it seems like an impossible outcome for the Bolts. Not only were they outplayed by the Washington Capitals, they were completely shut down, held without a point in close to eight periods. […] The post Humbled by Capitals, Lightning Should Still Be Proud appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...

Top 5 Greatest Stanley Cup Playoff Upsets

Hockey fans were taken through a bit of history as the timeline ranged from the 1930s to 2006. If history has shown hockey fans anything, then it has illustrated that there are no guarantees when the Stanley Cup playoffs begin. The post Top 5 Greatest Stanley Cup Playoff Upsets appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...

Niederreiter & Zucker and Playoff Scoring

The Minnesota Wild have a troubled history with impact goal scorers, so much to the point where a 20-goal season is an incredible accomplishment. The Wild have a small handful of 20-goal scorers on their team, two of the youngest are Nino Niederreiter and Jason Zucker. Each of these players is expected to put up […] The post Niederreiter & Zucker and Playoff Scoring appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...

Red Wings’ Community Outreach Bringing Detroit Back to Life

It’s no secret that Detroit is a struggling city. Maintaining consistently below the 85-percent national average for high-school graduates, Detroit needs every ounce of help the community can offer. The Ilitch family knows better than most the cost of living in a community holding on to its last lifeline—and few families have done more to […] The post Red Wings’ Community Outreach Bringing Detroit Back to Life appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...

Evander Kane’s Questionable New Deal

Count me among the miffed. The San Jose Sharks signed Evander Kane to a contract for seven years reported at $7 million per season. On one level, Kane’s talent, it is a good deal. But on other levels, it is puzzling. Kane’s Toxic Perception Kane has had issues off the ice, issues with his teams […] The post Evander Kane’s Questionable New Deal appeared first on The Hockey Writers. ...