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Mission Blue Hope Spot: Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico

  The Revillagigedo Archipelago is a relatively unknown group of islands located approximately 300 miles southwest of Cabo San Lucas. Sometimes referred to as Mexico’s “little Galapagos”, this volcanic island chain was recently declared as Mission Blue’s newest Hope Spot, as it is most definitely a unique area of the ocean […] The post Mission Blue Hope Spot: Revillagigedo Archipelago, Mexico appeared first on . ...

How to Stop Being an Analog Girl in a Digital World – the PADI eLearning System Rocks! Here’s Why

Written by Alexandra Dimitriou PADI Digital course materials are an inspiration. They have been around for a few years now and they are changing the way we learn how to dive. They are colourful, animated and totally absorbing. The digital revolution is nothing new. Sure, there are those of us like […] The post How to Stop Being an Analog Girl in a Digital World – the PADI eLearning System Rocks! Here’s Why appeared first on . ...

Must-Dive Sites in Mexico

  Though PADI AmbassaDiver, Rocio Gajon, has traveled all over the world to experience some of the most incredible dives sites in the Caribbean, South Pacific, Micronesia, Hawaii, Europe, and Asia, her hometown of La Paz, Mexico is still one of her favorite destinations.  From incredible pelagic marine life encounters […] The post Must-Dive Sites in Mexico appeared first on . ...

Our Favorite Scuba Diving Songs

Scuba diving may be synonymous with the silent world, but we know plenty of divers who love music. Here are some of our favorite songs about being underwater, the ocean and tunes with a beach-y vibe. Listen to each song individually or stream all the tracks via YouTube. Whether you’re […] The post Our Favorite Scuba Diving Songs appeared first on . ...

A Local’s Guide to Visiting and Diving in Turkey – Part 2

Written by Asutay Akbayir The towns in Turkey are bursting with history and millions of tourists visit each year. The popular diving sites are calm and relaxing, so if you want something more than just diving, perhaps you should consider Turkey as your holiday destination this year. Here we continue […] The post A Local’s Guide to Visiting and Diving in Turkey – Part 2 appeared first on . ...

A Local’s Guide to Visiting and Diving in Turkey – Part 1

Written by Asutay Akbayir Turkey offers many great diving and holiday opportunities with its breathtaking nature, clear and warm waters, and variety of diving environments. Not to mention the famous Turkish hospitality! The country is one of the top summer holiday destinations in the world for good reason: Our coastline […] The post A Local’s Guide to Visiting and Diving in Turkey – Part 1 appeared first on . ...